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About Us

It all began as The Jeweler of the North Shore in Lutsen, Minnesota in 2018. It was the Minnesota North Shore’s headquarters for expert jewelry service, including custom design, repair, and individualized recreation of jewelry. On the journey of life, we have now relocated our business to Park Rapids, MN to be closer to family and become a part of the vibrant community.

Steven Hahn

Goldsmith & Co-Owner

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Ever & Ever Collection Now Available!

ever&ever® is a thoughtfully curated, customizable bridal collection that inspires brides to create the ring of their dreams by selecting from popular designs and customizing them to your specifications. 

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ever and ever colection engagement set
ever and ever colection engagement rings

Exclusive Collection

Custom Made Permanent Jewelry
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Inspired by friendship bracelets, the chain is soldered with a pulse-arc welder directly around the wrist, neck, or ankle of the wearer. The process of fitting customers with bracelets, necklaces, and anklets is quick, painless, and permanent. Add charms and dangles to create unique, personalized jewelry that can be worn always.

Permanent jewelry has that convenience factor to consider; you won’t have to remember to put your jewelry on every day since it’s already welded onto your arm!

On a deeper level, permanent jewelry can be a sign of commitment. You might get matching permanent bracelets with your BFF as a symbol of your friendship, or with your significant other to express your love, similar to a promise ring or wedding band. It’s also done between mothers, daughters, and granddaughters.

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What we do

Custom Handmade Jewelry Made With Love


We offer a large number of customized and hand-crafted jewelry.  Many pieces are hand-cut, molded, and shaped. We offer various jewelry pieces and take special orders. 


Stopped in to get my ring resized and was surprised to see that they also carry Toad & Co. clothing brand. The jeweler resized my ring perfectly and shined it up. He worked very quickly and it was affordable. It’s awesome to have a jewelry store in town again! Thanks for making it possible to wear my wedding ring again


Jeweler NAILED IT! Recreated my wedding ring with a new vision! No one else could pull those details out and deliver like this!! 20/10- highly recommended!!



Our Latest Jewelry

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