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Our Latest Brands

7 Diamonds

Since our beginning in Los Angeles in 2000, 7DIAMONDS has been recognized as a fashion-forward lifestyle brand with a focus on premium products, sophisticated design, and keen attention to every last detail. Designed with choice fabrics that guarantee comfort and durability, our garments go the distance and stand the test of time – both in style and quality.

True to the sentiment behind our name, we design every product with one goal in mind: for you to wear any of our pieces seven days a week, on any occasion from casual to formal.

We’re proud to offer 7DIAMONDS clothing at premiere department stores and boutiques across the country thanks to awesome brand partnerships with retailers who reflect our values of loyalty and reliability.

Now, two decades into our story as a brand, we’ve struck the perfect balance between devotion to our craft and dedication to our customers. You know what you can expect from our clothing, but here’s what we can promise you from our company: we’ll continue pushing the envelope, thinking outside the box, and delivering versatile, consistent, and high-quality products for everyday wear.

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everest designs boutique

Everest Designs

Everest Designs is a small, family owned and operated company. Founders and owners Matt and Choti Skousen are committed to the well-being of the communities they grew up and continue to live in. Choti was born and raised in the mountains of Nepal with her Sherpa family. Matt was born and raised in Missoula, Montana where current U.S. warehouse operations occur.

Everest Designs works directly with the artisans of Nepal to produce high quality knitwear. Choti has been an invaluable resource in this process as a native who can speak many dialects with the people in the area. People are the most important part of what we do. We value the people who carefully and skillfully create each item in our catalog by hand. We offer them fair trade wages in return for their beautiful works. We hope to provide a better life for them while creating a one of a kind product for our customers. Together, we are creating a hand-made item that is unique in our mass-produced world and embracing the people and communities where they are made.

We aim to create styles and craftsmanship that lasts a lifetime. Women’s knitting cooperatives working in our facilities, in small village groups, or even at home bring to life the warmth and beauty only found in natural wool.  Wool, if properly taken care of, has the potential to last a hundred years or more. As a bonus, wool is hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and can always be recycled and reused.

Bell Mountain Naturals

Simple, natural, ethical and transparently honest. Those are some of our core values that we want to define us. We hope to pass on a sense of just how much love, care and thoughtfulness goes into everything we make.

We only use high quality, natural ingredients with packaging that is recyclable, reusable, or compostable. Our inspiration come from the places we have lived and travelled. Our hope is that all of these inspirations and emotional connections will be felt by our customers.

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Crown and Cap Boutique

Crown Cap

Crown Cap began manufacturing textile headwear for the Western Canadian farm trade in 1934. In the midst of a decade long drought on the prairies, those working the land appreciated the relief and protection of a well-made fitted work cap.

When Paul Leinburd acquired Crown Cap in 1987 he saw the answer to a different kind of drought on the prairies—the absence of finely crafted luxury headwear and accessories. Impressed by the skilled handiwork of the Crown Cap production team, Paul knew that combining those old-world skills with high-end fur and leather materials would have the world knocking at his door. Indeed, unique designs and exquisite hand crafting has drawn world-renowned designer labels and retailers to the stunning creations at Crown Cap.

Based in Winnipeg, Canada, the company that started out with simple fitted headwear has maintained its prairie sensibilities while becoming a global fashion enterprise. This includes a commitment to creating the best products and materials while doing business in a way that is fair and socially responsible.

Groove Life

Groove exists to serve people, inspire adventure, and reflect God.


Through our top-of-the-line products, outstanding customer service and intriguing content.


By sharing our adventures in the wild, in business, and in life.


By striving for excellence in every aspect of our business.

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Had my wedding ring in, it had a sharp piece underneath and the prongs on top were catching on everything! He was able to fix in no time at all, was affordable and would definitely recommend!!! Love looking at their cases of beautiful items!!!


little things studio boutique

Little Things Studio

Little Things Studio brings beauty and truth to the special spaces in your life through art prints, calendars, cards and bookmarks. Mississippi-born and Nashville-based artist Kate Whitley weaves word and image with lush floral designs, vibrant and vintage color schemes and lovely hand-lettering of hymns, songs and quotes.

At Little Things Studio, we value quality, eco-friendliness, and working with local, family-owned businesses. Currently all of our products are made in the USA and we strive to keep that as a core principle. Most of our products are made by our neighbors here in Nashville, TN. All of the type and designs on Little Things Studio products are hand-drawn by Kate.

While drawing and hand-lettering, Kate works in a Strathmore recycled paper sketchbook with a pencil, a ruler, a Staedtler eraser, a Kuretake brush pen (the Japanese make the best brush pens!), and a Bic Z4 0.5mm pen. After drawing and hand-lettering, Kate colors and manipulates her designs on the computer, using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Little Things Studio is located in a studio in East Nashville, Tennessee. With a staff of seven we design, proof, package and ship your orders all across the US

Royal Robbins

At Royal Robbins, we design versatile clothing for however you experience the outdoors. Our company was founded in 1968 by Royal Robbins, one of the world’s most influential climbers, and his wife Liz, the first woman to climb Half Dome. They met in Yosemite’s Camp 4, led the clean climbing” movement, and shared a lifelong pursuit of adventure
and deep respect for the natural world. Our goal has always been to create functional, durable, and stylish products while minimizing our impact on the planet.

Our clothing is mindfully built, with a constant commitment to sourcing lower-impact materials, providing all-day comfort, and stylish looks inspired by our Northern California home.

Show off your Royal and how you adventure more with less. Join our commitment to preserving and exploring our planet and connecting to a community of lifelong adventurers.

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natural olive wood display boutique

Natural Olive Wood

Natural OliveWood is a family-owned business that handcrafts kitchenware from non-productive olive trees. Born and raised in Sfax, Tunisia, brothers Hatem and Walid Alimi learned the art of carving the trunks of olive trees as children.

Today, the Alimi brothers (and family) produce naturally beautiful kitchen products, all boasting the distinct swirling patterns of the trees’ twisted trunks. Nonporous by nature and coated in a protective layer of olive oil, Natural OliveWood products are safe and sustainable.

SLC Candle Company

I have always enjoyed the experience of candles – how easily a smell can trigger a memory and bring me back to a certain time and place in my life. Or how quickly it can help me escape from a place I am in currently. I knew this would be an ideal hobby for me to have while being a stay-at-home mom of a medical baby, as well as a way to bring some income to my family.

After many, many months of research, planning, trial and error, I now have a finished product that I am extremely happy with and I hope you will be too.

My candles are all hand poured in small batches at my home in Fargo, ND. They are made of 90% coconut wax, blended with palm and soy waxes for superior burn quality and scent throw. These candles are vegan and contain no paraffin or beeswax. I have used eco wicks made of natural braided cotton, which are lead and zinc free. The glass jar and steel lid make the container 100% recyclable.

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Amazing Customer Service and Hospitality. I went up north for my bday weekend in the beginning of Oct. & I found the piece I really wanted online & sent it to my boyfriend, it is a MN Outline in Mokume Gane. I emailed the store to make sure it was on hand and the jeweler’s wife responded in a very quick manner saying they may be closed for a personal matter but fortunately, they were open the Saturday I was there!

They were very kind and expressed not having time to make one yet, no big deal cause now I get to custom order it!!! The jeweler even threw in a small diamond to put where I lived!!! It was made fast and delivered within a week! Amazing craftsmanship and couldn’t have asked for anything better!


three bluebirds swedish dishcloths boutique

Three Bluebirds Swedish Dishcloths

Family owned and operated. Established 2013. First company to design and print dishcloths in the USA.

A wonderful cleaning cloth for household chores. Replaces paper towels and sponges and absorbs 20x its weight. Made from cellulose and cotton and printed with water-based inks. Last 6-9 months and is 100% compostable.

Buy a dishcloth, restore 20 gallons of water to nature through our 1% for the Planet partnership.

Sak & Sakroot

We make styles that can keep up with you and help express your creative point of view through our joyful prints and sustainable materials. We are B Corp certified. All bags are vegan and our prints support Oceana with a mission to make the world better.

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Woolly Dry Goods

Woolly Dry Goods was born out of the love for WOOL!

Wool has many unique properties that no other fiber/fabric has to offer. Listed below are just a few of these properties :

• Naturally regulates body temperature
• Anti-Microbial
• Odor resistance
• Naturally wicks moisture
• Eco-friendly

You will discover when you purchase a Woolly Dry Goods product that it is the best of the best and you will become a customer for life!

Mr. Woolly

Toad & Co.

We’re big on enjoying the simple things in life, embracing the silly and letting go every once in a while. It keeps our spirits high and gives us the energy to focus on the things that matter, like empowering people with disabilities, sourcing the most sustainable materials, partnering with the cleanest factories and looking for new ways to do more with less.

From our California headquarters to our storefronts across the country, we do our part to be good neighbors everywhere you find Toad. You’ll find us volunteering with local non-profits, riding our bikes to work, cleaning up our coastline, and marching for the planet. You’ll find our name signed on petitions to support carbon caps, reduce fossil fuels and keep public lands public.

We’ve been named one of Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work eleven years in a row and our annual Grilled Cheese Smackdown will go down in history as the cheesiest, most gourmet battle of humankind. We’re a bunch of dreamers and mountain movers that embrace every day as an adventure.

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